Your Benefits

From search, negotiations, legal & tax, finance, renovations to turn key delivery

Your benefits: better properties with less time and at a better price.

● We do not only say that we go the extra mile for you: we literally get across Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Balearic islands, Galicia and Lisbon in pursue of our search and provide you with the best possible individual advice and legal support.

Saving you time and stress  we carry out an overall pre-selection of rental or purchase properties and present to you only the properties which we think will be in line with  your taste and criteria.

Once we have found the property of your choice, and you are sure that you wish to pursue a transaction to rent or purchase, we manage the negotiations and contacts with the owner of the property or his representative,  and make sure that your legal and financial interests are well taken care of.

At your request, we bring you in contact with other experts in our network, such as a trusted and affordable notary, banks and financial intermediaries,  a specialist legal and tax adviser, an accountant and property manager, only where necessary.

We make sure you get connected with the local utility companies.

As a result of our allround and all-inclusive approach, we save you time, money and help you to prevent making expensive legal and financial mistakes in the tense Berlin property market.

We can manage your renovations from A-Z. Interior design. Turn-key, if you wish.

And also manage the renting out of your property, for long term or short term rentals. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further information

We speak German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

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