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Berlin is the official capital city of Germany and as a matter of fact is one of the most important administrative, economic and cultural capital cities within Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.

With a fast increasing international population of almost 4 million people, Berlin has become a global city, with an enormous multicultural diversity. The city provides an excellent public transport, but also by car one can still drive and park one’s car easily in each part of town.

Berlin is split up in 12 so called “Kiez”, neighborhoods, or officially called “Bezirk” in high German language. Berlin has a distance from north to south of 38 km and from west to east of 45 km. Most of the Kiez have their own official administrative community centers, a so called “Rathaus”, and its associated administrative department centers called “Burgeramt”, where one can arrange all official paperwork required.

They all have their own vibes and atmosphere. That’s why the Berliner people say one can enjoy every neighbourhood on its own merits and at its own time of the day. Every time that you move on to another Kiez, you will experience its own distinctive leisure activities and type of lifestyle.

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