Legal information about us and our services

CAZE Real Estate Advisers is a brand of Scarabee Property Consultants BV, which is a limited liability company, established under Dutch company law, carrying out its CAZE Real Estate Advisers consulting services in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Portugal. 

Legal Information:

Scarabee Property Consultants B.V is a limited liability company, established under Dutch company law, which carries out its activities in Germany, Spain and Portugal under the name Caze Real Estate Advisers.

The company’s director and business address are:

Director: F.M. van Zelst
Scarabee Property Consultants B.V.
Waardenburg 33
2181 LN Hillegom
Nederland/ The Netherlands
T: +31252529678
Email: or

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 60136499
Dutch VAT (BTW) identification number: NL 85 37 79 739 B01
German VAT (BTW) identification number: DE 318151847

No rights can be derived from the website, or from any other website owned by Scarabee Property Consultants B.V., nor from any of the company’s statements other than those detailed in the client’s services agreement.

The contractual relationship between Scarabee Property Consultants BV/Caze Real Estate Advisers and each client is set out in detail in a services agreement, which details both the client’s wishes and criteria and the conditions under which the services are rendered by Scarabee Property Consultants B.V./Caze Real Estate Advisers. The agreement is governed by Dutch law and it is subject to general conditions deposited with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. This agreement applies once signed by both parties and prevails over any Caze Real Estate Advisers’ website content or other communications.
Any rights and obligations and legal, financial, technical or other consequences related to the execution of the services agreement are governed by Dutch law. In the event that there would be a dispute which could not be amicably settled, the matter will be taken to Dutch court, unless parties mutually agree to have dispute mediation by a mutually agreed party.
The company and its representatives decline all responsibility for any problem (e.g. legal, tax-based, financial, technical or other), that might occur as a consequence of a client’s purchase, renovation, rent or sale of a real estate property in Germany, Spain or Portugal. The company’s role is strictly limited to the services mentioned in the services agreement. Any problems that might arise in respect of the purchase of the property have to be settled between the client and the vendor of the property and/or its other legal/tax/technical advisors. The client remains entirely responsible for his/her decision to acquire and hence for all possible consequences that the purchase may lead to.

This applies likewise to any services rendered in connection with a refreshing or renovation activity or any other after-purchase related technical or commercial services. In the latter case the client will enter into a direct contractual relationship with the refreshing company/renovation company or any other technical or commercial services company and any problems from these relationships have to be settled between the client and the service companies involved.

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